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September 21 - First string freeze for Gaia

B2G localization: the string freeze for Gaia will happen in two steps, and the first batch of applications will string-freeze this Friday, September 21st.

As work on Gaia move forward, we are now getting ready to start the localization efforts. There will be two string freezes for Gaia, with two buckets of apps, each freezing at a different time.

The first string freeze is coming this Friday, September 21st.

We were able to stabilize 14 apps out of 20 that constitute Gaia. Some of the bigger apps, like Email, Calendar, Settings and System are not ready yet in terms of features and UI at this point, but we decided to seize the opportunity to start the localization early with apps that are stable and finished.

The first bucket of apps

The apps string-freezing this Friday, or the first bucket apps as we have dubbed them, represent around half of all the strings that will eventually be part of Gaia. In terms of numbers, we're talking less than 400 strings freezing this Friday, and the remaining ~400 freezing sometime at the beginning of October.

You will have until October 26th to complete and test your translations. That's 5 full weeks!

Increasing the participation

By opening up the localization effort to everyone, we're creating a place for you to play. We want you to test localizability, come up with new vocabulary, grow the community and evangelize third-party webapp developers. Show the world that you're interested!

That said, the first devices will be shipped in Latin America, and there is no guarantee that we will be able to ship your locale on the actual device anytime soon. This is important to understand and we want to set the expectations very clearly. (And yes, we have learned from the Fennec experience, thanks for asking :) )

What it's going to look like

Thanks to the collaboration between the Gaia team (especially Kazé and Vivien), as well as the Releng team (John and Hal), we will be able to use our regular workflows and tools. The localization files (.properties) will be stored in Mercurial, in Note that not all repositories have been created at this point, see bug 768373 and bug 792593 for details.

The localization dashboard will show compare-locales statistics for your locale, too.

Some of the string will need to be localized in Gecko, i.e. in mozilla-central or mozilla-aurora (think netError messages). Expect more updates about this soon.

We will be also working on getting localized builds out the door.

Stay tuned

I will post more details on Saturday, with the exact list of apps that are string-frozen, specific cloning instructions and a testing guide. For now, just stay tuned! It's an exciting moment for Mozilla's l10n community!

As always, feel free to post in if you have questions, or ping us on IRC.

Published on 20.09.2012

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