An internet browser is probably among the productivity tools widely used by people today. Quite often, it is the first place where people go when they want some information. It is used throughout the day, especially at workplaces. A browser plays an important role in your user experience on the internet. There are many factors that affect an individual’s choice of an internet browser. 

Among them is productivity. If a browser offers one extra shortcut that boosts productivity, it would certainly be the first choice for many. Another important factor is security, which is a major concern for internet users across the world. 

Mozilla Firefox offers some effective solutions as a web browser. This is the reason why it has gained popularity over the years. Now, let’s look at some of the reasons why you must use it as your internet browser:

1. Efficiency in memory usage

One of the major disadvantages of web browsers like Chrome is that they’re memory intensive. When you multi-task with it or open many browser tabs, they tend to freeze. This problem was solved by Firefox when it went through a major update in 2017. This update decreased the memory consumption of the browser, making it efficient for multitasking.

2. More options in customization

There’s a limit on customization in many of the other browsers in use today. You get to add a theme colour or an image. Besides this, there’s nothing much you can do with those browsers. Mozilla Firefox gives you several customization options than other browsers. 

They include the ability to move features around and the installation of themes. Firefox also gives you the option to customize the toolbars and overflow menu. This is done by adding the options most used and putting them in a place where you want them.

3. More default user privacy

Mozilla is renowned for caring about the privacy of its users. This can be understood from the stronger default security settings in Firefox. As a result, you don’t need to worry about data security. Among the security options included in Firefox are Site Information Panel, Content Blocking, and Enhanced Tracking Protection.

4. The HTTPS-Only Mode

In recent times, Mozilla Firefox has introduced a new feature called the HTTPS-Only Mode. When this feature is enabled, it keeps your web experience more secure. Firefox does this by ensuring that every connection is to a secure website. If the browser detects that you’re visiting a website without HTTPS, you’ll get a security alert.

5. The Pocket feature

The Pocket feature in Firefox allows you to save web pages and videos for later use. You can do this at the click of a button. When the webpages are saved to Pocket, it saves a version that’s free of clutter, clean, and easier to read. You can access the saved pages through the free Pocket app.

6. Constant improvements in browser speed

One of the key reasons why you must switch to Firefox is its focus on user experience. Mozilla constantly improves the performance and speed of Firefox. In the November 2020 release, the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine of Firefox was improved. This increased the page load performance by up to 15% and page responsiveness by up to 12%. It also reduced memory usage by almost 8%.

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