Mozilla has much more to offer than its suite of consumer products. This is a company that measures its success not just by the adoption of the products. For Mozilla, success is also about giving more control to its users during their time spent online. 

The company also takes into account its impact on the internet through its web technologies. It also places great value on the contributions to standards that it has made all the while. The company also sees how it works to protect its users while they use the internet.

Web technologies

Mozilla has always built technologies that would be beneficial for the entire ecosystem of the internet. The company believes that the web benefits largely from the support provided by open technologies and the browser. It has extended the capabilities of JavaScript with asm.js, SIMD, WebAssembly, and other technologies. 

In this way, the company has successfully demonstrated the key role of Mozilla as a steward of the internet. Today, every major browser vendor supports optimizations of asm.js and they’ve announced that they would support WebAssembly. It was Mozilla that pioneered WebGL, the standard of the web for 3D graphics. The company is currently working on WebGL2. 

This would bring additions and improvements in order to help developers in creating amazing visuals on the web. One of the biggest game engines in the world called ‘Unity’ made WebGL an officially supported platform. Mozilla played an important role in creating the WebRTC specification. It allows real-time communication over the internet. 

Mozilla’s influence is demonstrated by it being secure by default and allowing implementations that are free and open. The company has worked with Cisco to develop OpenH264. It made the world’s most popular and patented video codec available to open-source projects for free. Today, Mozilla is working to develop a completely free, next-generation video codec called ‘Dallas. 

It has also been submitted to the IETF for standardization. The company is also pioneering a new language called ‘Rust’. It provides language features for safe parallelism. Rust is also free of several issues of security that have plagued the browsers written in the C++ language. This was done upon realizing that the future of the internet would need security and high performance.

Security and privacy

Mozilla has always believed that the privacy and security of an individual on the internet are fundamental. The company also believes that this must not be treated as something that is optional. For this reason, Mozilla has made significant contributions towards creating an online experience that’s more secure. 

A new Certificate Authority called “Let’s Encrypt” was co-founded by the company. It was founded with the intention of bringing security to every website on the internet. Firefox on Android became the first mobile web browser to provide protection from malware and phishing. 

The company has played a key role in designing and developing internet protocols. In recent times, it has worked with several stakeholders to design and build HTTP/2. It is a new revision of the protocol that powers the internet. HTTP/2 has been designed for speed and security.

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