NetEnt is a Sweden-based gaming software company known for its games characterized by smooth and swift play. The performance of its online slots and other games may vary according to different browsers. For high-roller players, NetEnt has games that can be accessed using a web browser. They are loved by seasoned gamblers for their simplicity of usage. 

You don’t need to download any software or plugins to play these games. They have Flash or HTML5 support built-in them along with all the required tools. Additionally, these games offer advanced protection and anti-tracking systems. They’re designed to minimize the risk of hacking. If you’re looking for the best online casinos and interested in knowing more about them, visit Online Casino Canada

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best browsers for the casino games of NetEnt:

1. Google Chrome

Chrome is one of the most preferred web browsers among many of online gamblers. Among the prominent features of this browser is its versatility. Although it defaults to HTML5, you can move to the in-built Flash Player upgraded with the whole version. 

The players of NetEnt’s online casino games would certainly like to have the unnecessary clips and banners blocked. However, there are certain things that they’ll not be happy about. One of them is the fact that Chrome can be a bit slow at times.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Many are of the opinion that Firefox is the best browser ever created. Mozilla offers plenty of useful and free plugins for its users. The browser has a special invisibility mode, which is fabulous for added protection. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t disappoint certain users. 

The number of Firefox’s side components may hamper the overall performance. The downloadable Flash Player, which is pretty much required for playing online casinos, might crash after several hours. It is, therefore, of great help sometimes to reload Firefox and clean up the excessive cache and cookies.

3. Opera

There was a time when Opera was considered the best browser for playing games that used Flash and HTML5. In recent times, its popularity has somewhat waned. Although it’s not so popular today, people still use it to play online casinos. Two of its most noticeable features are its flash-friendliness and swiftness. Some may experience certain problems using Opera for playing online casino games. 

The graphics may not look good or the game may crash while it’s still on. Perhaps the most annoying of all the problems would be the slow performance of certain NetEnt slots. Nevertheless, when it comes to playing online casino games, Opera is still a trusted browser.

4. Safari

Well-built and highly rated for its performance, Safari is also an excellent choice in web browsers. It has been a favourite among many of the players of online casinos for the past few years. This is especially true with those playing games that use Flash. Safari has improved support for HTML5. 

This is good for the high roller online casino games of NetEnt. Still, it needs some improvements when it comes to functionality and design. The biggest advantage of this browser is its simplicity. As all the required plugins are built into the browser, Safari is good even for the toughest of games.

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