KaiOS is the third biggest mobile OS in the world, but you might’ve never heard of it. The sale of smartphones and the increase in online services are becoming stagnant across the globe. In an attempt to gain new users, giant companies like Google are exploring new avenues. 

In their quest for such avenues, they’re trying to reach out to regions where smartphones are not widely used. A new operating system for mobile phones called KaiOS is being considered to be a key solution. It has even left behind iOS in terms of usage in certain countries.

About KaiOS

Built on top of Boot to Gecko, KaiOS is an operating system for feature phones. Boot to Gecko is a community-based successor of Firefox OS. Since KaiOS is a platform that’s web-based, it doesn’t require a lot of power to operate. It also has a minimum requirement of 256 MB. 

The operating system seeks to bring modern apps to individuals who’ve never owned a smartphone. The interface of KaiOS is designed for phones with physical keys and non-touch screens. In order to enable users to access the internet, it offers all the connectivity options. 

They include 4G/LTE, dual-SIM compatibility, NFC for payments, and Wi-Fi. The manufacturers making KaiOS-powered phones don’t need to worry about including high-end specifications in them. As a result, their phones can be priced aggressively to ensure maximum sales.

How KaiOS is different

KaiOS grew in popularity among several tech companies owing to its HTML5 app store. It allows developers to create powerful web-based apps for KaiOS easily. Most of the other feature phones come with proprietary Java-based software. So, in order to create dedicated apps, they demand more resources. 

KaiOS also has an open environment. It is available across the world from several brands, such as Nokia, Alcatel, and more. All that the companies need to do is simply create an app. They can then upload it to the KaiOS app store for widespread distribution in emerging markets.

Apps supported by KaiOS

The app store of KaiOS has tens of titles. You might be familiar with some of them. Such apps don’t offer the same set of functionality as they do on smartphones. You’ll find only the basics of those apps covered in this case. For example, you can’t live-stream from Facebook or Twitter by using KaiOS. 

Its store also has a handful of other generic apps. All of them have been developed by KaiOS itself. The best examples are KaiWeather for checking the weather and QR Reader for scanning codes.

The target customers for KaiOS

KaiOS has been developed primarily for the entry-level segment. It has been developed for places where smartphones have still not gone mainstream. The operating system is also meant for customers with lower literacy. They’re the ones who find it difficult to navigate on touchscreen phones. The apps that have been made available are the ones that can be operated through physical buttons. 

Phones with KaiOS can be an excellent alternative for those who want to get rid of their smartphone addiction. They can also be good for children. The small display of KaiOS phones would be too boring for them to keep staring at constantly. The elderly people would also find KaiOS phones appealing. They can use the apps without getting constant alerts and pop-ups.

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