There are many who use Firefox as their secondary browser and Chrome as the primary one. Most of the individuals in the world today might have been using Chrome for over a decade. So, it is quite obvious that they’ll be reluctant to switch their browser from Chrome to Firefox. However, this is much easier than they think. 

Firefox imports bookmarks from Google’s Chrome and the folders on the main bookmark bar can be arranged instantly. All the saved account passwords can also be imported to Firefox. Once all these necessary steps are completed, you can begin using Mozilla Firefox as your main browser. Here are some of its prominent features:

1. Syncing

After you’ve installed the operating system of your choice, this is usually the first step. With a Firefox Account, you can save your bookmarks, passwords of several websites, and browsing history. This proves to be extremely useful when you reinstall an operating system or switch to Firefox as your browser. 

You can also send an opened tab to another device that has Firefox. In this way, you can share URLs between your computer and your mobile device.

2. Reading mode

Most of the users of Firefox would be unaware of its excellent reader view option. This feature can be accessed right from the address bar. When the reading mode is on, it changes the look of a web page. This gives you a clean and fabulous reading experience. Firefox does this by removing the sidebar and ads, and by changing the size and type of font. 

You can change the width of the content, change the font, its size, line height, and much more. Some aspects of the reading mode can also be controlled. Besides, you can choose between dark, light, and sepia themes. Firefox also includes an experimental listening mode.

3. Firefox Relay

Today, there are various websites that offer subscription services. By registering on these sites, you’ll be sent their newsletters via email. Not all of them can be trusted. Often, you’ll find that even after unsubscribing on some of these websites, later on, you’ll keep getting their newsletters. At times, you sign up for some newsletter and you start getting an assortment of emails. 

This happens mostly when the email database gets leaked. The Firefox Relay is an add-on, which allows you to use a permanent fake email address. Such addresses can be used to sign up for the newsletter and updates.

4. Pocket

Pocket is a web-based application, which was acquired by Mozilla sometime back. This is being integrated with Firefox. You can find an option to save a web page to Pocket, located beside the address bar. It is a bookmarking mechanism with some incredible powers. This application saves an entire web page. You can then read it free of any ads and distractions. 

It is a great tool for individuals who find interesting things on the internet but don’t read them immediately. It also has premium features that can be purchased for a certain amount. These features include saving web pages permanently, facilitating a full-text search, and automatic tag suggestions. They also have the capability of highlighting certain sections.

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